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Use WinAmp for an optimum Internet Radio experience with Capitol.FM Hitz Bangkok broadcasts using Shoutcast Server technology. This internet radio service from Bangkok broadcasts on two channels:

  • 128 Kb MP3 Audio
  • 32 Kb AAC Plus

Our 128kb channel is a wider bandwidth service and provides exceptional quality but you need a good internet connection to receive it with buffering. Our 32kb AAC internet radio broadcast uses advanced audio processing delivering comparable quality with a very ‘clear' sound for those with lower bandwidth internet connections.

We recommend WinAmp to all our listeners as the preferred method to listen to Capitol.FM on the internet. Here is a quick setup guide:

  • Download Winamp free software from this page or from our Home page. Your computer may prefer either the newest or an older version, all of which are available. These Winamp players deliver a very effective and enjoyable user experience.
  • Save WinAmp to your desktop when download is complete and select Run. Follow a few simple steps like entering your e-mail, country and gender and it will be working.
  • Select Listen on WinAmp from this page or our home page and the service should burst into life! Welcome to the worldwide sound of Capitol.FM Hitz radio Bangkok on the internet!

If you require any assistance – please e-mail our Capitol.FM Help Desk here. We are ready to help you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Listen on Winamp.

Take some time to set up your WinAmp Media player which is FREE. After this simply selct the Listen On Winamp option on this site to activate Capitol.FM Hitz Bangkok.

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